In the last two decades, Christianity has grown in Cuba in an unprecedented rate. With a population of 11 million, and only 10%-20% of that population being active Christians, the demand for bibles is unlike any other point in history. For most Christians in Cuba, they feel isolated from the world. The government and its lack of freedom restrict the abilities for Christians to access the outside world through literature, internet, television even the distribution of Christian material including the Sword of God. In Cuba there are no places to buy or print bibles on the island. However God always open doors. Recently, easing of tensions between the United States and Cuba after fifty years offers an unprecedented opportunity for the Church to receive bibles from international organizations like EchoCuba. Now, you can help Cubans discover the life and love of Jesus found in God's Word. EchoCuba has vowed to bring the Gospel any way it can to God's faithful servants in Cuba.

Since Churches in Cuba are not legally allowed to be constructed, God’s people have been forced to operate through house churches, which hold no legal recognition from the government. Cuba has over 25,000 house churches on the island. The average house church holds an average of 20 to 40 members, on average only 5-10 bibles are available for the entire congregation. We believe that by providing Church leaders and seminarians with Bibles and Scripture resources, even more people will experience the transformative power of God’s love for us. Our 2015 goal is to provide 5,000 bibles to Churches in Cuba.

Together we can support the emerging Christian faith in the country and help generations of Cubans enjoy a growing bond with Jesus Christ.