Planting Churches And Schools
The Gospel and Biblical training have gone hand-in-hand from the beginning. Paul the Apostle started three schools, first in Antioch (Syria), then later in both Corinth and Ephesus. Students from his school spread out over the known world so that Paul claimed he had successfully planted the Church from Jerusalem to Ilyicum (modern Albania). Training EchoCuba leaders provide Cuban Churches with the solid theological education they desperately need in order to expand the Kingdom of God.
Leadership Vacuum
Christianity is exploding in Cuba but there is a vacuum of theologically trained leaders. We need to help train and equip laborers to share the Good News of the Jesus Christ. By educating church leaders,EchoCuba seeks to make a significant impact on the growth and health of Christianity in Cuba. EchoCuba’s objective is to instill in each pastor, or seminary student, the vision to share the Gospel to the unreached souls.
Seminaries are the foundational institutions in creating new changes and power to the persecuted Church in Cuba. EchoCuba works with seminaries to establish training programs to be completed by students from distance or residency to be able to reach as many leaders as possible. These programs include two and four-year undergraduate programs in theology and ministry leadership.
Together, we provide education opportunities for all Christians who have a calling to preach to the lost and suffering in Cuba. Our goal is for Cuban pastors to receive proper theological training through ongoing outreach ministry and quality instruction in the Word of God. It is our visions Pastors in Cuba will be fully prepared for pioneer work, hardship, persecution, and a life of faith through Jesus.
How You Can Help
Your gift will go to cover the cost to train a Christian leader who has no access to internet, faces persecution, and whose family live under extreme poverty. Individually, you will help them build the road to spiritual maturity by discovering God’s Word.