Through the development of local self-employment initiatives, EchoCuba focuses on assisting disadvantaged people in generating livelihoods by creating independent enterprises. As a result, this gives those involved the means to escape poverty through the venue of business ownership. Our projects combine business principles with a clear focus on leadership and values, and through leadership and theological training, with the help of technology, EchoCuba will make a significant impact on the growth and health of the evangelical church in Cuba. As individuals and leaders become equipped, they are better able to serve their communities and advocate for their rights.

Proyecto Pescadores (Teaching to Fish) is our micro-enterprise project that seeks to create an opportunity for the church to prosper financially by educating them on proven Christian-based business concepts and practices. Using basic financial training, seed money, and resources for the creation and expansion of small businesses, the entrepreneurs participate in various types of innovative and micro business programs. Participants gain a sense of stewardship, learn how to create financial stability, and are encouraged to incorporate spiritual and financial accountability into their practices. As they succeed, the entrepreneurs’ scope of impact grows beyond their family to their church communities, not only in terms of their financial contributions but also in their ability to teach others to do the same.


The Solomon Project  focuses on providing evangelical churches and partner theological seminaries with the resources needed to expand their knowledge and train more leaders and students in a more effective way. The overall goal of the Solomon Project is to provide seminary students access to resources that are difficult to obtain in Cuba. Specifically, this project provides laptops containing high-quality educational and theological resources to strengthen institutions’ ecclesiastical and ministerial education programs, thus equipping their students for greater impact in their ministries.